There's definitely a tendency for bloggers to act like they love every product they try and pretend the ones they don't love just don't exist. But, personally, some of my favourite posts to read and write are the ones that give honest reviews of stuff that was a bit crappy. I don't necessarily HATE everything on this list and what didn't work for me may work for you but here are some things I just didn't get on with...

Recently I've been on the hunt for a good quality, light coverage base. You know my Nars Sheer Glow is my one and only but I wanted something for days when my skin is good or I've overslept and need to quickly slap something on my face to look presentable (the latter is far more likely). I settled on the Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector. Obviously, my first issue with this is its STUPID NAME but the main problem is that it just doesn't do anything. There isn't a great shade selection and initially I was worried that 'light' would be too orange for me after testing it on my hand. Turns out I didn't have to worry because it didn't even show up on my face. Yes, I wanted light coverage but I think you'd have to have absolutely flawless skin to be able to make this work.

Now this one's going to sound controversial but I really don't understand the hype around MAC eyeshadows. I do have a few and honestly I want to like them: the colour selection is massive and I love how easy it is to build your own palette. The formula, however, is just a bit crap. I find them hard, not very pigmented and difficult to blend. Cranberry is one of my favourite eyeshadow colours ever but it's almost impossible to build it up enough to make it visible. For the price, there's way better options out there.

I was really excited to try the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder but it kind of sucked. First of all, you'd expect something with 'photogenic' in the name to photograph well but this product has the worst flashback of anything I've ever used. It literally makes me look like that photo of James Charles...you know the one. It's also way too finely milled, applies patchy, smells gross and the holes in the packaging are huge which makes trying to apply this powder a very messy process. So yeah...not a fan.

Have you tried any of these? Did you get on with them better than I did?

Thanks for reading, Lucy x

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Nicole Baxter said...

I don't get on with Mac shadows either! Makeup geek are so much better.

www.coleoftheball.com xx

Toni Robinson said...

I couldn't get on with the Urban Decay one and done either. It does nothing for me. I think you need perfect skin for it to work. I also agree about Mac eyeshadows. Hardly the greatest are they? There are now so many fab alternatives. You're spoilt for choice!



Never tried Makeup Geek but everyone raves about them - might have to give them a go x


I know! I don't understand why you would spend your money on them when there's so many better alternatives x

Estefania said...

The one and done worked really well on me, it blurs my oversized pores, so sad to hear it didn't work for you

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Amanda Jayne said...

I too am a big fan of disappointing product round-ups - they are by far some of my favourite things to watch/read. I haven't actually tried any of these but just on principle of the price I refuse to try the MAC eyeshadows. I can get the shades they offer for a much cheaper price from the drugstore from a brand whose formula I know I'll love (e.g. Makeup Revolution) - I'm too cheap to splash out on a single MAC eyeshadow but I've always wondered what made them so special to warrant the price tag! xx

Hannah Today said...

Ah I really do need to check out Sheer Glow at some point! I'm the other way around, I only have foundation for 'good' skin days (if you can call them that - highly doubt it though haha) Giorgio Armani luminous silk (would recommend picking up a sample!). Also, THANK YOU. I have no idea why people hype up MAC eyeshadows so much. Yes, I have some but they don't ever wow me, y'know? Sometimes I think in the blogging and youtube world especially people are too scared not to praise them because they are so hyped up haha.

Lovely post - loving your blog girl!!
Hannah xxxx

Natalie Leanne said...

Oh I always wondered about that Urban Decay product~ I always find these posts so helpful as it's good to know what products didn't work out for people! xx