I'm gonna skip the standard Lucy disclaimer (exams, broken laptop, etc etc) and just carry on like it hasn't been three months since my last post...

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (I had a great day, thank you very much) so recently I've been flinging money left right and centre at an assortment of different makeup counters and now have a plethora of new products to play with. YAY.

I've had my eye on the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette for yonks so after dropping some less than subtle hints to my pals it was plopped in my lap on my birthday - THANK YOU LADIES. It's a diddy little thing that just about fits in the palm of my tiny, baby hand with sturdy (and very pretty) tin packaging and a rather satisfying magnetic close. It houses nine soft, pigmented and saucily named eyeshadows in an array of pinks, browns and golds. Not to be over-dramatic or anything but this may be the greatest thing I have ever owned. 

Another product I've been eyeing up for a while is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. Since Nars isn't stocked anywhere near me I spent an hour painstakingly Googling swatches in an attempt to find my shade (Mont Blanc, btw) before parting with thirty of my precious pounds and anxiously awaiting its arrival. It was an expensive and difficult ordeal but oh my god this foundation is incredible. Miraculously, the shade is an exact match, the finish is in that perfect middle ground where it's a little bit glowy, a little bit matte and the coverage can be built up or sheered out depending on how flawless I want to be that day.  My only gripe is that after parting with a ridiculous amount of money for a foundation, they want you to pay another £3 for the pump - which obviously I did because I can't afford to waste a drop by pouring it out straight from the bottle.

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get my hand on the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion but now I finally have I'm a total convert. It's just a tube of fairly unassuming, skin-coloured goop (I realise I'm not selling it particularly well but hear me out) but it's magical. I put it on before my eyeshadow and the colours are brighter, everything blends easier and it lasts longer. I never wear eyeshadow without it now.

I was very excited to discover the Brighton Boots now stocks NYX so, naturally, I spent hours at the counter giddily sticking my fingers into all the products and left with some new purchases, including the High Definition Blush in Taupe. I'm sure you've probably noticed that contouring is a thing right now which is all fine and dandy for the Kardashians but it's a dangerous world for us pale girls. Most products are far too orange and muddy for my ghost face but this one is perfect. It's a taupey, grey-toned brown that's dark enough for some serious sculpting but doesn't look ridiculous on my pale-ass face.

Finally, I dramatically declared in my last one of these that I'd found my perfect mascara but I think the Maybelline Lash Sensational has one-upped it. It's pretty similar to the Benefit one I talked about last time - separation, length, volume, all that good stuff - except this one is less than half the price. No brainer really.

Thanks for reading, Lucy x


Nicole Baxter said...

The two faced natural eyes palette is so pretty, I love nyx taupe xx


Estefania said...

That palette looks super pretty, I've heard a lot about the lash sensational mascara I'm definitely gonna try it.


Natalie Onoita said...

LOVING EVERY SINGLE BEAUTY ITEM HERE !!! Lucky girl and happy belated birthday sweetie !! How was the NARS foundation? I'm thinking of buying it and the concealer! Lovely post :)


Love Nat xxx

Katie M said...

UD Primer potion is everything to me, I've had shadows last pretty much all night. That NYX blush sounds amazing I may have to check that one out !!! That pallet is a re-vamped version that I have, they switch and changed some colors from the original. This was a great post !!

Katie | https://ktmcgworld.blogspot.ca


It's a beauty isn't it? Thanks for reading x


Do it! It's my favourite mascara I've ever tried - definitely repurchasing.


Thank you so much! The foundation is incredible, I've heard really good things about the concealer too. Let me know what you think?


It's magic isn't it? Definitely check out the NYX blush!

Amanda Jayne said...

You're back! I was wondering when I'd see a post from you again! Belated happy birthday, first of all. Second of all - responding to your post: errrrrryone is talking about the UD Primer Potion, and I actually need it in my life. I'm wearing eyeshadow more now than I have done in quite some time and I'm feeling like, ugh, NEED, pls make my eyeshadow look amazing all day!! I also really want to pick up the Taupe blush by NYX as I've heard loads of good things about it - I'm going to try getting my hands on it in the next few weeks as it's reasonably priced! The Too Faced palette looks gorgeous too. <3

Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, life


Yep, I've missed it! Thank you my lovely. I can't recommend the UD primer enough, deffo try it!

Jasmine Stewart said...

Like, all of these are favourites of mine - great choices! I use Nars Sheer Glow and the Urban Decay primer most days and the Too Faced palette is so underrated :) Lash Sensational is holy grail for me too

Jasmine xx

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