Before I get started, this post is actually a collab with my friend Jade who is a lovely person and has a
wonderful blog so make sure you check out her post here - after you've read mine of course ;)

Anyway, on with the show. It's no secret on this blog that I am rather lazy so anything that saves me time makeup-wise is a winner in my book. Today I'm sharing my favourite five products for when I'm in a rush (which is always) and still want to look half decent. 

This is my absolute favourite foundation. It's practically invisible on the skin, affordable, light-medium coverage, the perfect colour and takes seconds to blend - need I go on? I witter on about it more here and here if you're interested.

Being as white as a sheet means I can look ghostly after doing my foundation so I like to use this to warm up my skin a little and make me look slightly more...alive. This one is fairly light and matte so it looks very natural and is pretty hard to go overboard. 

For some people, eyebrows probably aren't a priority if you're in a rush but for me they definitely are. My natural eyebrows are a wee bit crap so I always feel so much better after filling them in and this pencil is literally the only one I use. I've got a full review here if you're not already sick to death of me banging on about this.

A flick of liquid liner always makes me look like I've actually made an effort with my makeup and this S&G one is my favourite. It's cheap, very black and pretty noob-proof.

If I'm wearing makeup, I can't not wear mascara. This one is a pretty good mix of volumising, lengthening and separating. Love, love, love.

Please make sure you check out Jade's post and the rest of her blog ( because she writes some seriously good stuff.

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Bess Oates said...

i've only just started using the l'oreal true match foundation but i absolutely love it, i really want to try out the bourjois mascara as i've seen some really good reviews on it - love these kinds of posts!!

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colleen welsch said...

I've really been wanting to try the True Match foundation!



It's so good isn't it?! I really love the Bourjois mascara, if you like volumising and lifting mascaras in particular I think you'd love it. Thanks for reading x


Do it! I honestly can't recommend it enough. Thanks for reading x

Jasmine Stewart said...

I think if I could only pick 5 products, brows would have to account for one of mine too! I love the Bourjois mascara and L'Oreal True Match too :) xx

Magpie Jasmine


Brows make such a difference! Thanks for reading x